Monday, February 1, 2010

Bronchoscopy and Longer Trach Tube

Well, we had a lovely little look at Kiera's airway today and change her trach from her current 46 mm long one to her previous 60mm long trach (incidentally the trach she had before our Houston trip in 2007.) I have been a little twitchy about this change (much like Kiera's airway), but the tracheal collapse was quite clear on the bronch so the longer trach will help stint it open so to speak. It also bypasses Kiera's infamous* pig bronchus which may help in ventilation. I am not sure what this means for long term. We may get to finally go back to our cpap trials, although this may indicate a need for the trach longer term than just during ventilation. As always, we will wait and see. Kiera did seem much more comfortable tonight than she has been in a week and since we really haven't been off steroids for any significant amount of time since Thanksgiving, maybe we can finally accomplish that, too.

* That's "IN famous" for lovers of the movie "Three Amigos."

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