Sunday, March 6, 2011

Major Strides!

We upped Kiera's anti-seizure meds, so seizure activity seems stable. Kiera is feeling great and getting into everything. She is down to 1 to 1.5 liters of Oxygen during the day. She is signing a ton and trying to communicate. She seems hungry for knowledge. She requests that her diaper be changed, attempts teeth brushing a little, washes her hands, and actually tried eating about a dozen pea-sized bites of yogurt tonight. She is still VERY orally defensive, but I think she is very hungry. She probably needs her formula volume increased a little, but I am trying to take advantage of her clear desire for food and see if we have a window of opportunity here. She is learning all of the topics on her sign language videos and enjoys sitting on the potty (unfortunately AFTER the diaper is dirty for now). I think she is understanding our use of reason with her when it comes to these scary developmental steps. She is also playing better with other children. She is still very self entertained but occasionally allows other children into her world. Today we went to her cousins' birthday party. They had a HUGE jumper rented which Kiera went in for the first time. Another little girl said "hello" to her and Kiera said "hi." It comes out as an airy whisper when she says it, but it was clear to me. Things seem to be progressing exponentially. We are pretty excited to see what lies around the bend.

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