Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Maybe Prince Charming will try to kiss Kiera today and wake her up. I will know more after work and modify this post. Her lungs have shown a little improvement yesterday and may be normalizing. It was a significant change after 2 weeks of pretty much worse news than the day before. Her sugars are still high requiring an insulin drip. Last night they thought they might try lifting her paralytic today. Her main problem right is her gut. She hasn't pooped in over a week and her intestines are full of air making her very distended. She looks ready to pop. This may cause problems in waking her if her belly interferes with her breathing. Hopefully, lifting the paralytic will get her motility going again. I wish I could be there when they wake her instead of at work. Thankfully, my mother will be there. Kiera doesn't like coming out of sedation and gets very agitated.

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