Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting for Kiera to Exhale (and poop)

Today is the start of week 3 for Kiera in the hospital and week 4 of being sick. She was placed on the ventilator 12 days ago and sedated 10 days ago. She is VERY hyperinflated from breathing too fast for so many days while compensating for being sick. Now her lungs are so sick that she can't exhale all the air in them to make room for new breathes. This is causing a perpetual state of air trapping that will require a long wait to correct. The frustrating part is that she was diagnosed with both rhinovirus and parainfluenza which instigated these problems. These viruses have probably both passed by now, but leave in their wake a dangerous situation for Kiera. In addition, the amount of drugs Kiera is on have caused some ancillary side effects. At the moment, she has not pooped in a week and has become very distended. Her glucose levels are extremely high requiring an insulin drip to maintain, and her blood pressure has been extremely high, requiring pressure lowering drugs. She can't be fed her formula till she poops and can't receive TPN because of her sugars.

So we wait. Doctors say there aren't really any more interventions they can do that aren't being done already. Keep on praying.

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