Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crossing Fingers

We changed Kiera's trach to her original longer canula trach on Monday, and so far her PCO2 levels have been much improved! 66.8 Tuesday morning and 60 Wednesday morning. (Of course, normal is 41, FYI) We're happy with 50's for her. They also when back up on her steroids...she was down to an every other day dose. So...not totally sure if this will put her in a position to wean her vent enough to get on a portable vent, but I'm encouraged a little. Kiera had an echo yesterday which didn't show much evidence of pulmonary hypertension. They also did a viral panel and trach culture, just to triple check for some unwanted visitor that might be hindering her recovery. She is having a surgery procedure at 1pm today where they will place a Porta-Cath...something she had back in 2008-2009. (see posts in March 2009 regarding infected Porta-Cath, flu, etc). She needs the permanent access in case of other illnesses this winter, and she has had her PICC line in for a month which is just asking to get infected, so the port will be safer. I am hoping they will teach me to flush it, so I don't have to rely on home nurses, but we'll see. Kiera seems stronger each day, but is still working to be able to stand on her own. Yesterday, she signed some words that she read while I was reading with her. "Farm" and "Cat." She is so smart and wants to do so many things. It is very hard for her to be pent up like this.

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