Monday, September 2, 2013

Sleeping Beauty gives little girls false dreams, but not how you think.

So I have come to a recent realization. The problem with fairy tales is not the image they send to my daughter about Prince Charming and aspirations to be a princess. However, I would like to send a strongly worded letter about the fallacy in Sleeping Beauty that one can sleep for potentially 100 years and wake up like they were when they went to sleep. What does Princess Aurora do, right after waking up? She prances off to a ball and dances a waltz. Kiera must be thinking, "WTF" right about now. Her experience is far different than the fairy tale.

Kiera is currently awake from her 2 weeks of sedation and paralytic but is suffering from critical care myopathy where she can barely move more than her hands and head. The doctor told me that there was a study that showed that even an olympic athlete placed on a ventilator in the state Kiera was in for even a week would wake up with enough myopathy that it would be as though he never trained. I suppose Disney hasn't seen this study. She is very weak and requiring the ventilator for all her breathing. (Which made the 2 day power outage at the hospital this weekend a real nail biter. More on the scumbag vandals who damaged downtown electrical lines later. Grrr.) Kiera is very sad and cries when she tries to move and can't. This will be a long recovery process, requiring at least a month of therapy.  The poor baby is most upset that she can't do her jigsaw puzzles or play with play doh. One can only watch so much TV.

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