Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kiera is having a good week

Kiera is successfully weaned off one of her narcotics, fentanyl. She is still on Methadone and Ativan. She has been alert and focused this week and seems to be progressing, slowly. Her lung x-rays continue to look better. She is still working on feeding issues. Maybe this week will bring some success in that area. They will be doing a nuclear study to see how fast her stomach is procesing food and then make some decisions regarding how to progress. Currently, she is getting fed 2/3 formula feedings through a tube into her intestine with the other 1/3rd coming from I.V. fluids.

The major theme in her care right now is SLOW and Steady. There may not be much news to report for a while. We're trying to SLOWLY wean her hospital ventilator enough to try her out on a home model ventilator while in the hospital. This will be a lengthy process.

I am planning to take her baby swing to the hospital this week and see if she likes it when we're not there. She gets occupational therapy almost every day and has a bouncy chair to sit in. She's chronologically almost 8 months old, but should be developmentally like a 5 month old. It's tricky trying to keep her up developmentally when she lies down most of the day connected to her ventilator. We have to THINK about things that usually come naturally in daily baby care. Today, Daddy and I played patty cake with her and rocked her. I bounced her a little on my lap. She's pretty stingy with her smiles, but she seemed to enjoy the interaction. She crashed in Daddy's arms and was so cute!

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