Friday, April 13, 2007

Kiera's getting fed again!

Kiera had a new G-J tube put in this morning, and everything went well. It turns out that the one she had was far too long, and this is a much better fit. She was still groggy today from the sedatives for the procedure. Her stomach acids are looking a better color too, so I think the treatment for the c-diff is having a good effect. She's back on conservative feedings and hanging loose. We'll see how the week goes. She was 8 months old yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Oh Tree, its so good to "see" you again! The pics are wonderful and Kiera is so adorable!!! I will continue to pray for her and hope she comes home soon (even though I know you said about 6 months)Love you!
Love the Hurtgen Family...Lauren, Bryan, Samantha and Julie!

elpastorjuan said...

Hello there... I'm a friend of Cheryl Montoya... I lead a life group that she belongs to.... At our life group we've been spending time praying for Kiera... We will continue to pray for her until she returns home safely with you....