Thursday, April 12, 2007

New and Improved Complications

Well, Kiera was diagnosed with a collostridium difficile imbalance....basically a gastro-intestinal infection resulting from an overuse of antibiotics. So she has been receiving treatment for that for the last few days. She also received another blood transfusion yesterday. I think that makes 7 total since birth.

She has also managed to pick up a colony of MRSA (methacillin resistent staph) in her trach which she will have for a long time. This is generally safe for healthy people but can be a problem for immuno-compromised people. We will all have to gown and wear gloves when we visit her until she comes home in order to keep from spreading it to other patients in the hospital.

Finally, her jejunal feeding tube(the one that enters her small intestine) seems to have possibly broken from the external tube and drifted down into her rectum, making feedings temporarily impossible. This is a VERY RARE event that has many of the doctors stumped. She is scheduled to have a new j-tube put in tomorrow morning so that we might resume feedings. They will do this in interventional radiology under sedation and will be able to decide then what the procedure will be to remove the detached piece of tube. She may just have to pass it on her own. Leave it to Kiera to find something to get that no one gets.

Despite all this, she and I spent a wonderful evening together tonight. She was alert the entire 5 hours I was there (give or take a few brief cat naps). She watched me the whole time. Her fevers are down and she has only spit up a few times here and there. Hopefully, she will be back to feedings tomorrow after the new j-tube goes in.

That's all for now!

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