Sunday, July 1, 2007

All Smiles!

Kiera has gotten over her pneumonia and stomach flu and is on the LTV (home vent) yet again. She is doing great so far! She's been on it since Friday! We took her outside again today and took her to visit the fish tank. Plus, she just loves laughing with us and playing peek-a-boo! Check out the video we took of her laughing with the link at the top right. We can't wait till we can HEAR her after her trach is out in a few years. We had hoped that this would be the month she would come home, but it looks like we will have to settle for August 7th, just in time to celebrate her first birthday at home. We're getting close!


Marjorie said...

Awww! She is sooo cute! She is all smiles indeed. I'm glad Kiera has gotten over the pneumonia. My mom and I have been praying and we will keep doing so. I know she will make it home soon. Take care and God Bless.

Nicole said...

I am glad to see that everything is going so well. She really looks great!! Hopefully, she will be home before you know it. I willkeep you all in my prayers.
With love,
Nicole and Grace