Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Field Trip our house!

Here's something new: Kiera, along with her nurse and respiratory tech, will be going on a field trip to our house this Friday! It's really a dry run under supervision so we can see what taking her to the doctor appointments will entail. We have to pack her up in the car with all her accoutrements (vent, feeding pump, O2 tanks, emergency meds, bag, probably an extra trach and trach care supplies, etc...oh yeah, and the baby) and then drive to our house and back. We may or may not get to take her IN the house depending on the attitude of her RT and how well she is doing through the whole ordeal. They're mostly just teasing us. Of course, we know something they don't know: Our house is at an elevated position and can be easily defended from SWAT teams and the like should we decide to take her inside and lock the doors. :) I have the boiling tar waiting.

Kiera is also improving her developmental skills this week. She has been touching her calves...maybe a precursor to discovering her feet. She is sitting better in her Bumbo chair. Dr. Crow started feeding her just 2 hours of her continuous feeds through her G-tube (stomach) instead of her J-tube (small intestine). So far no problems.

She has had a few challenges this week including an infected Central Line in her leg which had to be taken out Saturday, 6 attempts of sticking before getting a good vein for a peripheral IV for her antibiotics, and her regular episodes of bradychardia while pooping or passing gas. These episodes are manageable when caught early if I bump her oxygen intake. Otherwise she sometimes gets bagged to help her regain control. She generally does this at least twice a day.

Let's see how the next few days go.


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