Friday, July 13, 2007

Good Days, Bad Days Reprise

Today we had a tough reminder that Kiera is still a very sick little girl. She had been having increased spells of bradychardia and desaturation this last week, and it all culminated in a pretty severe day today. She had to be put back on the hospital vent and heavily sedated for the next few days on fentanyl, ativan, and a paralytic. Needless to say, her field trip home was postponed. We do not yet know what this says for our hopeful discharge date of Aug. 7, and the doctors really have no explanation for these spells. Basically, she is CHRONICALLY SICK which means that while she has good days and may seem very well for a while, we need to remember that her good days are as common as her bad days. Sometimes she gets very sick, for no other reason than that she has very bad lungs. The only thing that will cure this is TIME and GROWTH. TIME means YEARS, not weeks or months. We're trying to stay positive and hopeful that she will still be home soon. She turned 11 months old yesterday.

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