Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Reprise

Hey, all. We woke to yet another dreaded phone call from the PICU this morning. Kiera was having increased work of breathing last night which had progressed since Friday, incidentally a day after ending her antibiotics for chiracia. She was doing so poorly that the intensivist had to re-sedate her and paralyze her like she had been last week. I feel bad for Jer since Sunday is his day off from work to hold her, and he had been looking forward to dancing with her today. Anyway, cultures have been run; however, they suspect it is her lung infection out of control, and they started two broad spectrum antibiotics and her steroids again. She has the worst secretions from her lungs that I have seen so far, very thick, and is having a hard time keeping her O2 SAT's up to acceptable levels without frequent suctioning. They have also increased the frequency of her nebulizer treatments.

Sorry about all the technical details. These are the kinds of things I talk about every day, but probably seem a bit overwhelming to observers. It helps me to know what's being done on days like this when things seem helpless. One good thing at the moment is that this time the docs left her full feeds running to see how she handles it under sedation instead of putting her on IV fluids so that they can keep giving her nutrition. Hopefully she won't lose wieght like she did last week while paralyzed.Keep on praying!


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