Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Developments for Kiera!!!!

WOW! Finally, at almost 23 months old, Kiera figured out how to sit up from a hands and knees position without any other props like the boppy or her toys! She did it for the first time last night, and we all (me, Jer, and her nurse Sarah) clapped and cheered for her, so she started clapping, too. She was so proud of herself, and today she showed off her new skill a few times. She also stood (after I placed her in position) and supported herself with her hands on the Lil Tikes picnic table and played with her doll house on the table for a few minutes! But wait...there's more! She's been mouthing the word, "hi," for quite some time, but she started mouthing other "words" actively in context and while watching her reflection in the mirror. If only I could read lips. :) She also seems like she's trying to get sound past her trach cuff. I'll have to see what her pulmo thinks about trying a speech valve once in a while. The cutest thing she does is push Daddy and Mommy's faces together to make us kiss. She smiles and is very pleased with herself. She also kisses her baby dolls and "bonks foreheads" with them like we do with her...kind of a love sign. When we read books she turns the page and then looks up at me till I finish reading. She used to just turn, turn, and keep turning, but now she clearly understands that the page controls what I say.

What a nice week we've been having!


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Sarah said...

That is so awesome! She's getting stronger so hopefully she's getting a bit better, too.