Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just one thing after the other...

So we were just getting Kiera back up to speed since an accidental dumping of water from her vent down her airway when her ventilator started malfunctioning yesterday. After bagging her a few times and giving extra nebulizers, I noticed while I was bagging her that the ventilator wasn't delivering breaths like it should. There were no alarms to this fact, and her stupid SAT probe had been reading 94% when she was clearly about 72%. Our only clue was her awful color and the fit she was throwing. I'm glad that we sleep in the same room with her since it would be difficult to sense this kind of distress over a baby monitor. So we are down to one ventilator until they can get us another one. With the big recall already in process on these vents, it will be interesting to see how long this takes. We had previously been informed that our specific serial numbers were not included in the recall; however, the events yesterday seem to be the same as the events that have cause other vents to be recalled. Hmmm....

Kiera's new trick: she is a born director. She likes to grab adult hands and use them as tools to do what she wants - hold blocks steady to snap together; make me hold books, turn pages, and scan the words with my finger while reading; use my arm to reach and grab toys. It's difficult to describe well, but it's hilarious and she's very determined. She's quite accomplished at sitting now and is moving on to short crawls and trying to stand with support.

I guess that's all that's new.


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