Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kiera getting into trouble...

Kiera pulled up to stand to get to her books! She knows exactly which ones she wants me to read 3 times in a row. Note: Little Mermaid in her hand. Her other fav is Miss Spider's Tea Party.

Pulled up to crawl into picnic table...

...to get to Elmo book. It has buttons that talk. :)

Wearing a tutu (that I picked up free at a garage sale) while watching Sesame Street episode in which Zoe wishes all the characters would wear tutus and dance ballet. She totally connected that she was wearing the same thing as the characters.

Finger painting with cornstarch paint...just in case she decided to eat some. The apron was one we still had from the boys.

Kiera is VERY BUSY. She is getting more mobile and is quite forceful about making us read to her. I think I had to read 5 books last night, 3 or 4 times each. She grabs the book...then grabs my hand and puts the book in my hand...then grabs the other hand to make me turn pages. It is such a crack up. She even grabs my finger to make me scan words. Once she's had her fill of one book, she puts it back and grabs another. She keeps digging through the books to get to Little Mermaid, her favorite. She also kisses Ariel and Eric when we get to the "Kiss the Girl" page. She likes to kiss baby faces in her books. I think she started signing "love" by crossing her arms over her chest. Of course, her barrel chest, vent tubing, and short arms make it look particularly cute...more like an "I dream of Jeannie" pose. I think today we will finally have to drop her mattress from infant height since she's pulling up now. She had me nervous last night that she'd pull up and over the edge.

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