Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preemie for Palin!

(click on title for Palin speech video)

So Kiera's doing pretty well and getting into EVERYTHING for a kid who is constantly on a 3 foot leash.

What I really want to blog about today is how EXCITED I am about the McCain/Palin ticket! WOW! Did you see Sarah Palin's speech last night? If you didn't, you owe it to yourself and our country to watch it. If I did this correctly you can click on the title of this article to go to an CBS news video of her speech. I think it's 38 minutes. I watched Palin's speech TWICE yesterday. I have never in my life been inspired to watch ANY political speech a second time. I feel like she and I have so much in common, and that she is a candidate who really understands me. She is a STRONG and CONFIDENT woman. Plus, she is a mother of 5 with a 4 month old who has Downs Syndrome. She made a promise last night that when she's in the White House we will have an advocate for children with special needs. You know with a special needs child, she's got heart, and she's a fighter.

In addition, I came away feeling like McCain and Palin are the people to lead us through tough times. She told a story of when McCain was a POW, and how after interrogation he would return and give a wink and a thumbs up to a fellow POW (present at the convention) who was watching to let him know they would get through this. That's the kind of leader who is thinking of others and not himself, who is there to serve and not be served. Plus, if he could handle torture, I'm sure he can handle a White House press conference. They won't tax small businesses (like our restaurant) to death like Obama plans and put more people out of business and their employees out of work. What kind of economic plan is that? Did you hear this morning that retail sales are down at major department stores? If business is already having a decline in sales, how is taxing that business MORE so they keep LESS of their income going to stimulate our economy? She also has clear experience in the fuel industry and plans for drilling and utilizing alternative fuel sources. They will kick start our country.

The neat thing to think about, is that getting Sarah Palin into the White House as VP gives her a chance to train as second in command for 4 to 8 years so that she could be a viable candidate for the first woman president with actual experience under her belt in running the country. It's interesting how the National Organization for Women has clear ideas of which women they support. You apparently can only think one way and be pro-woman. Interestingly enough, the first feminists, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, were pro-life and wouldn't be considered feminists by today's standards either. When I hear comments from the other side that Palin should stay home and raise her baby, it becomes very clear who keeps the glass ceiling in place. I guess the Dems only want CERTAIN women to rise to positions of power in this country. They are all talk. They really just want the women they think they can CONTROL.

Most of all, I am feeling positive and secure about the future, and I hope you are too! If you're not, then maybe you should reconsider who you are voting for for our future. :)


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