Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

A little late on the post, but I wanted to do this with pictures. I hope you all had a very THANKS FILLED Thanksgiving. We are very thankful this year for such a great month with Kiera. She has been improving day by day, and Daddy and I had such fun with her these last few weeks and no scary spells. We are thankful that she is starting to be able to sit by herself. We are thankful that she found her feet and that she laughs hysterically every day at 5PM for no apparent reason. I am thankful that my husband was able to be here for 10 days with my brother's help. I am thankful for my family and friends and their encouraging phone calls while he is back home working. I am thankful for meals that have been prepared for me so I don't have to cook at the end of a long day at the hospital. I am thankful for the internet in helping me stay connected with everyone. I am thankful for the COUNTLESS medical professionals who have worked night and day to help Kiera heal and have a happy life and eventually come home. I am thankful for blood and organ donors and pharmaceutical companies and researchers and cab drivers and insurance companies and every person who has ever paid an insurance premium and not needed care so that our insurance would be able to cover Kiera's care.

I think, more than any other time in my life, I have become very aware of how much there is to thank God for. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at Ronald McDonald House in Houston provided by some very generous volunteers and surrounded by so many people who truly understand the value of our children. The majority of guests at the house have children undergoing cancer treatments or babies in the NICU and PICU undergoing struggles to survive. In the past 15 1/2 months, I have truly come to appreciate the biggest lesson I remember from Catholic school, that to truly live as Jesus did, we must pick up our cross and carry it without complaint. We all have crosses to bear. Some of us may have already been introduced to that cross at a young age, and some may still be waiting to discover theirs. Some of us have our cross and haven't embraced it. Some of us might be blessed with a life with very little suffering, but maybe their cross is that of Simon whose job was to help Jesus carry his cross. I know this is all more Easter themed than Christmas, but I think to celebrate Jesus's coming, we need to remember that he came into this world with a cross to bear. We all need to identify our mission in this world and not just say we are thankful, but prove it.

Oh...and I'm also thankful for digital cameras and cell phones!

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