Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, I was wrong about the transport going as well as I thought. The transport team lost Kiera's bag of CUSTOM trach tubes and supplies! I am trying to not lose my lid. So....I thought I'd vent on her blog before I "discuss" this with them tomorrow. The worst part about it is that I personally had her stuff in my bag, and they made me give it to them before we left ABQ. Had they left it with me, we wouldn't be up trach creek without a obturator right now. ?!$%&!!!



JennaBeth said...

I have been thinking of the two of you often and hope you are doing well. I was hoping you were back on the blog and would giv eus the scoop. Give em hell on the loss of the supplies. I know there is the benefit of the doubt but we parents are the advocates for our babies and sometimes being a real pain in the ass is whatit takes. I am so glad to hear Kiera did well on the flight. Glad to knokwyou are Ronald McD house and that is going well. I will try to keepup with the blog and get you something out to Houston while you are there. Let us know better tiems to reach you by phone; I'm sure you wil get into a routine where some times are better tan others. Oour prayers are with you and Jenna and I keep our hopes up that your new doctors will find a solution quickly or new lungs are in the near future. Jenna is crashed out now and will be staying with my sister while I take a much needed respite trip to visit a cousin over the weekend.
Hugs and encouragement!

preacherwoman said...

oh My GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see the steam from ABQ! I want to be a fly on the wall when you "discuss". I love it when you "discuss". People set up and take notice! Don't let the bumps get you down. At least it can take your mind off things. I hope you will take my friend Susan Brock up on her offer to "do anything" for you. TRUST ME. I would not hook you up with anyone who would make you even slightly uncomfortable. Susan knows where great shoe sales are! You need diversion when Jerry leaves! Send me your phone number! Love ya!