Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kiera is ALL OVER her crib...

Just a quickie. I'm in the waiting room because Kiera can only have two visitors at a time, and I am sharing her with daddy and her uncle Matt before Matt goes home. She is in her walker (sans wheels) right now and playing very aggressively with her star stacker. She is just all over the place wanting to get into things. She really prefers to be sitting up and has been pretty close to sitting up on her own in her crib, especially if she starts from a lounging position on her boppy pillow. She's been playing with her feet and starting the music on her elephant music box by pulling its tail. She likes to grab her ventilator tubing and the side of her crib. Someone colored a picture of a flower for her and taped it to her crib rails, and she plays with that. She has also discovered an appreciation for her TV that swings out on an arm by her bed. Unfortunately it doesn't have a dvd player attached so I will have to play her movies for her while I'm here with my player. We watched Monsters, Inc. last night. I forgot how much that movie makes me cry. It's sweet. Kiera's CT of her airway is rescheduled for Monday. Her vent rate is still 26 after a brief moment at 24(she didn't like it that much), and her pressure support is down to 16! She seems to have grown more hair, but it might just be BIG Texas hair from the humidity. :) The back is very curly here. She is so cute, and everyone loves her!

Happy Thanksgiving this week! I know we have much for which to be thankful. I'll work on uploading pictures or videos soon this week.


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wiseone said...

I am so glad to hear you are both adjusting well to the new surroundings. I sure do miss kiera's smiling face! I can't wait untill she's well enough to come home! I wish you all the best and know my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Sara, RN