Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We go to Houston Monday!

It looks like we have approval from the insurance for the evaluation in Houston and the TCH team will be transporting Kiera. Kiera and I should be leaving Monday. Jer will follow behind with Matt and my car. Kiera is doing so well right now, although she is still on antibiotics. We didn't want to change anything before moving her. She's been grabbing her feet a little and sitting more stable. I have a cold, but am getting better. Everything seems to be coming together. We are excited by our conference call with the team in Houston. It will be nice to have another set of eyes and opinions and some in depth studies of Kiera's trachea and lungs. Hopefully we will find some good answers for her.



Sheri said...

I hope everything is going well and that your transport takes place without event today! We're praying that they make the best choice about the ventillator that they'll use during transport so that there are no problems.

I feel dumb now that I asked you Friday about what transport team was taking her -- I just couldn't figure out what TCH stood for when I read it the first time.

We'll keep you all in our prayers!

Preacherwoman said...

WOW! you are in my favorite city! don't let it overwhelm you all at once. remember my friends are a phone call away. I send my love and greetings, and a big smooch for miss kiera. Update as soon as you can!

hugs from your favorite chaplain!

Preacherwoman said...

Therese! Hey, it's Cindy G from ABQ. I hope things are well enough that you can post an update soon. All my Houston friends are on standby wanting to help as you need. I miss you, and celebrate this exciting new journey. Give Kiera a kiss from her favorite chaplain!

Kali's Mom said...

I hope you made it safely to Houston and are getting adjusted. I am praying for Kiera and all of you every day. I am sure you have met the transplant team and I hope that you like them as much as we did. They are very knowledgeable and caring! Say hi to all of them from us. I am sure you are having a difficult time adjusting to the big changes at that hospital from what you were used to. Trust me it will get easier everyday and just always remember that you know Kiera the best and are her best advocate! If you are positive she will feel it! Give her a big hug ( I feel as if I know her and hope to meet all of you someday!)
Lots of love,
Janice McKellips and Family