Monday, November 19, 2007

More Baby Steps...

Kiera had a pretty big day today. She tried her first taste of baby food! A taste means she only had a total of maybe 2 teaspoons, but she did well with it and didn't seem to aspirate any. She had peaches and smelled like dried peaches the rest of the afternoon after getting it all over her hands and face. She finally got to use one of her plethora of bibs! Of course, it was an experience since she has gotten to the stage of wanting to feed herself and grab the spoon without ever having been at the stage where she lets someone else feed her first. Kiera will have a swallow study ordered soon as well. On the food front, she also had a whole day of G-tube bolis feeds, 100 cc's every 3 hours. In layman's terms: she got fed in her stomach instead of her small intestine in large doses every 3 hours instead of small doses continuously.

Kiera also "almost rolled" from her back to her belly. She definitely got as far as rolling from her back to her side, and what was significant was that she pulled her knees up to her belly to do that. She did this on a blanket on the floor while I played with her, and I think this was the first time she's done that movement with her legs.

Yesterday she was banging her stars from her stacker together to make noise. We read all her books this afternoon. She is absolutely fascinated with the hospital TV remote on a cord. The speakers for the TV are on the remote so she doesn't realize that she should look at the TV while videos are playing. Instead she looks at the remote and wants to play with it. The fun part will be when she finds the "call nurse" button. She's already been turning the TV on and off.

Kiera has a bronchoscopy scheduled tomorrow around 2ish to see how well her airway has healed since the trach tube change almost 2 weeks ago. We will know more about her status after the bronch. I've been trying to upload videos of her, but am having trouble here at the hospital. Maybe there's some kind of blocker on the server. The RMH internet is supposedly fixed, so I'll try there. I have a great one of her giggling with daddy.

By for now!

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