Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leaving Houston...Not Quite

God's Delay is not His Denial. Yes, we "SHOULD" be back at Pres by next week. We were supposed to go back today, but the "plan" changed. Kiera got a fever yesterday and her pic line got infected so she has started antibiotics. We were ready to go at 7:30 am and the trip got scrubbed. She's doing okay besides the bad blood work, but the crew didn't want to risk her getting sick in flight.Sooo... we are delayed till at least Tuesday next week. Jer and I were very dissappointed. He was so excited for "his girls" to be home.

It was a very rough day. It took us 9 sticks to get a working I.V. in her before removing the pic. Her veins have become extremely difficult to work with after 16 months of this. It was so hard to watch her cry and get stuck, and cry and get stuck, and cry and get stuck over and over. I started crying during the last one and could barely stand it any more. Unfortunately, she needs the antibiotics to fight the infection, but how do you tell her that. Hopefully, she will fight it over the weekend and be fit to fly next week sometime.

On a more fun note, I gave her a few licks of a cherry cane after her ordeal and she really enjoyed it. At occupational therapy time, she ate 15 cc's of vegetable chicken baby food stage 2 and LOVED IT. She is really doing well with the mechanics of it, although her tongue moves kind of like a giraffe when she eats. We rolled a bit on a mat on the floor, although the final push over her shoulder to her belly is still an obstacle.

Love, Tree

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nchavez said...

Glad to see that all is going well for you. I hope that you make it back to Albuquerque safe and healthy. Give me a call sometime. My phone wiped out my SIM card and so I lost your number.
I think(and pray) about you guys daily and I am overjoyed that Kiera is doing so well.
My email address changed as well, so I will give it to you when I hear from you.
I would love to see you when you get back in town, give me a call so I can come and visit.
With love,