Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

Good news for the new year! We are preparing to bring Kiera home to OUR HOUSE in a week, January 7th! What a concept! We are excited and nervous. I have been frantically cleaning and organizing. Home health care equipment should start arriving this Friday, and we have things to do every day to make this happen. She is already on her home ventilator and doing pretty well. She has a touch of an infection at present but will hopefully shake it off with some antibiotic nebulizers and still be able to come home as scheduled.

Be prepared, as we have been, that Kiera will probably get sick many times and be readmitted to the hospital frequently. But this is a first step. We hopefully will have 40 hours a week of nursing coverage, but most of the care will be done by me and Jer. Kiera will be very high maintenance for a while.

I will have to schedule visitors for Kiera very sparingly since it is still RSV season. We may have to become recluses until Easter which will be difficult for both Kiera and I since we are such social butterflies.

Thanks for your support this year. Cheers to a great 2008!


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Dotty said...

wow! what an update!! thinking of yall as the time approaches! goodluck and what a good year 2008 is turning out to be. enjoy bringing home your baby girl:)
mom to Micheal 4-13-2002, Chance 2-1-2005, and Zachary LCDH 10-26-2007,
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