Thursday, December 20, 2007

We took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!

Hi All! We're "home." Or at least back at Presbyterian, our home away from home. :) We got back yesterday morning. The flight left Houston at 7:30 am, and everything went relatively well. Kiera is on an LTV, home vent, and at the same settings she was on on the 840 vent in Houston with only a 2% Oxygen increase. Yeah! It was a busy day, and everything moved so quickly, I barely had time to pack and clean my room at Ronald McDonald House and get home, much less to update the blog. So....I apologize if I've been in town for a day, and you just found out now while reading this blog.

Everyone at Pres was so excited to see Kiera. Nurses who weren't even working stopped in to see her. She is so happy. She had been crying the last few days due to big molar teething, or something else bugging her. But she has been great since we got back. You can tell, she feels so at home and missed everybody. The PICU staff even prepared our old corner room for us! I hadn't realized till the ambulance was pulling up at Pres how stressful it had been to be in another state for 5 weeks. I was just taking each day at a time, and 5 weeks was over before I knew it. I hadn't been away from home for that long since I was an exchange student for 6 weeks in high school. I really love Albuquerque.

Now, I have about 4 days to Christmasify my house! Ack! I may settle for the lovely wreath on our door from Robin, the 32 in tree I got for Kiera's room. and our stockings I made at RMH. For those who know me, you know how HUGE a compromise this is. :) Well...maybe I can dig out my Nativity Scene and an Angel or 2.

Kiera might get to come home home as soon as the second week of January. We just need God to provide the right home health care nurse and no spells on the LTV for a few weeks to a month.


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