Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick Update...

Of course, Murphy's Law prevails, and right after I tell how fantastic Kiera is, she has a bump in the road. However, today she is back to her bubbly self. Thursday, her vent was being tempermental and the heat sensor wasn't working properly which lead to over heating the circuits and creating an unusually large amount of water condensation in the tubing. It followed that the water in the lines went down her trach tube into her airway and caused a little ruckus. Anyway, all is well now, but I think Friday and Saturday were recovery days for Kiera (AND MOM). I refrained from taking out a few staff members, and all is right with the world now. Merry Christmas! (my friend, Bern, knows what I mean) Where is a good pair of ruby slippers when you need them?

Swallow study on Friday didn't get completely done. Kiera was a little hestitant to let strangers put fluids in her mouth...I wonder why? I'll have to see if they will reschedule and let me administer the fluids. She did okay with purees though. There are "rumors" of changing her GJ to a G tube button tomorrow; however, this is all from weekend residents, physician's assistants, etc, so I'll wait till tomorrow to see what really happens.



julie c said...


I am so excited for you. I hadn't read your blog since you left, and it was so amazing to see the progress. I think of you every day (when I put on my make-up of course) and keep you always in my prayers.


Jeff Dornbusch said...

Nice to see Kiera's blog - I think of you all often, and wish sweet Kiera and you well. - Jeff Dornbusch

JennaBeth said...

So happy to hear that Kiera is doing so well and that you might come home!!! I hope the swallow study went well and if you have not had it yet, I administered Jenna's drink and food for hers-so you can do it. YOu are in my thougths often and on a few prayer chains to boot!
Jenna turned 17 mo today- hard to believe so much time has gone by.I hope you can be back in town for Christmas and hopefully plan on being home in 2008(early!!) Let us know how the transfer plans go. Keeping my fingers crossed and all of you in my prayers.
Diana and jenna

Chelsey said...

Wow, AMAZING. So thrilled that Kiera (and her mommy) are doing so well. I've been logging on periodically for an update but just now realized I could leave you a comment!! :0) (Blond moment)Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks. It's amazing you'll be home for Christmas.

Best Wishes!! Merry Christmas!

Chelsey (Pres PICU nurse)