Friday, December 7, 2007

We'll be home for Christmas!

Kiera is doing great! Her vent is at a rate of 26 and holding, pressure support of 14, and O2 of 30%. We haven't tried to ween the rate and pressure support lower, as per my request and the agreement of the pulmonary team, because they tried 24 twice, and I felt she didn't like it. I figured we may have to go up on O2 once back in ABQ and didn't want them to go too crazy and then have to backtrack in ABQ. There's always time for weaning there after we're on the LTV. They are shooting for sending us back to Pres next Thursday the 13th! Mom and Dad cancelled their return flights and are just going to drive the car back for us. Kiera got a G-tube button (actually a Mic-Key to be technical) today and had a swallow study which went well with no aspiration. Now she can have therapeutic tastes of puree baby foods stage 2 and nectars. Tastes are really only about 10cc's or 2 teaspoons, but it's still fun to get her bibs dirty. She did not care for the her first taste of carrots, but fruits seem acceptable to her highness.

See y'all soon,

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