Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breaking News: Kiera's poops 2/3 her birthweight!

Okay...maybe it's the deplorable state of my TV shows lately, but this I found entertaining. Kiera's bowels were stopped up because of her meds, so we were all thrilled when they started moving again yesterday. The day nurse was so excited to report to the other nurses that there had been an "explosion." To top it off, tonight the nurse told me, after another explosion, that her diaper weighed 422 grams. It occurred to me...hey wait...didn't she weigh that much at birth? No, was 680 grams a birth, silly. I am saddened now that I haven't been weighing her diapers regularly. I am sure one of those home explosions, or diapers ignored by daddy till mommy gets home, must have hit the record breaking BIRTHWEIGHT DIAPER, and we missed it! How could we have fallen down on the parenting job so completely? What a missed opportunity for a scrapbook page! An event that so few cherish or even achieve! Why...I'm sure there must be a Hallmark greeting card to celebrate such an occasion.

It is possible I have lost my mind.


Sarah said...

Nope. Humor gets you through. I love it :)

Erik and I once tried to figure out how we could life-sized cardboard cutouts of us to put in em's room to freak out the nurses at night.

Our little Miracles said...

We were the same way when Braden finally pooped after his last surgery. It's important and it does give you a good laugh during tough times.

julie c said...

I think you have a reality show in the making!