Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Final Stretch...we think

Kiera seems much better. She's off her Ketamine (a horse tranquilizer by the way), and has been improving since passing a blood tinged mucous plug on Wednesday. She still has some weaning to do on her Terbutaline, Ativan, and Fentanyl before we can take out the IV's. The rest of the meds can get weaned at home. She's coming down on vent settings, so hopefully we can attempt putting her back on the home vent soon. The big two will be to see how she does without the Terb and to see how she transitions to her home vent. I think with any luck we should be able to get her home by Thursday. That's at least the goal. She's awake and pretty pissed off about being in the hospital. She cries on cue every time I enter the room. She's pretty weak, but it's hard to tell how much of that is the Terb. It may take a few weeks for her to get back to her crawling and cruising self, but I think she'll do best with that at home. She was pretty cute Thursday when I brought the boys in, and she tried to play ball with them. She definitely lacks her former coordination, but she's determined. Yesterday I laid the ball on her legs and she would kick it. She thought that was pretty fun.


Our little Miracles said...

We will continue to keep her in our prayers. So glad she is on the way back and hopefully going home soon.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update! For some reason, Emery liked to kick rather than throw and still does. Maybe it's just a preemie thing :)

I hope she starts kicking butt and taking names and is back at home where she belongs in no time!