Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slight freak out, but doctors are reassuring...(AND "The Watchmen" is NOT a kid or teen friendly movie!)

Kiera (and thus, her parents) had a rough night, and is sedated and on paralytic right now. We were both really scared that we were back in "coma-land" and both had bad dreams all night. I woke up at 6:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just came in to the hospital and caused confusion in those who have never seen me before noon, especially on a Saturday. I think they thought I might react to the sunlight like a gremlin or vampire or something. :) Anyway, I told the doc that we were afraid Kiera might die, and she said that she is not at all worried about that and that she would tell me if she was. So, the good news today is that her blood cultures seem to still be negative on the current antibiotic and her CRP levels are down which means her body isn't having to fight infection as much as before. She is also getting full feeds right now. She is a little anemic and may get a blood transfusion, which may help her respiratory status. We'll see what Dr. Glasser thinks when he comes in. She is back on her pulmonary hypertension meds, and right now she isn't running any fevers. So...I'll just dig my feet in and keep trudging along till we get her home.

Now for the most important update:


Jer and I went to see "The Watchmen" last night, and I knew it was based on a "dark" comic strip, but I expected "dark" like "Batman Begins." We did not take our 17 and 15 yr olds, mostly because of their grades, not because it ocurred to us that it might not be appropriate. This movie contains male frontal nudity, sex, F-words, dismemberment, a violent rape scene, women beaten up, and gory violence. It is VERY ADULT in content. It is an unusual movie, but was not at all light hearted or entertaining (which we had hoped for to de-stress a little). We would have been better off at a drama than this movie. I had to turn my head from the screen a few times, and two couples(of maybe 12 in the theater) left before the movie was over. I normally don't get myself in a tizzy over movies, but I feel it's important to make sure you know what you're getting into on this one, before you end up sitting there with a teenager (or worse-a younger child) and having to decide whether to stay or go and what kind of talk you'll have to have on the way home. Stay home and watch "The Incredibles" again, and enjoy yourself.

So much for a night out of entertainment to take our minds off things. Wish I'd gone to see "Race to Witch Mountain" instead.

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K said...

Poor baby. At least if there's one upside to the paralytic, it may help that IJ line stay in a little better. We'll be thinking healing thoughts for Kiera and de-stressing ones for you guys.