Saturday, March 14, 2009

Up to the MINUTE news: Kiera seems to have built a tolerance to her albuterol and overnight has developed a huge pneumonia in her left lung (which is normally her GOOD lung). Her left lung is pretty whited out on x-ray, worse than I have ever seen it. She has been put on an anethesia ventilator for a few days which is a VERY UNUSUAL procedure. The doctor said that "Maybe one kid every year needs this." Makes sense that that ONE KID is MY KID. We are hopeful and happy that the doctors are taking charge of the situation. She will stay sedated like this for days, probably. She also just started a blood transfusion because she's anemic. The RT joked with me that she needs the blood because she has started matching the sheets. We did another trach culture (an N-Bal) and will see if anything grows out. HOPEFULLY this is a bacterial pneumonia that we can treat. Keep praying. She's in a pretty tough spot right now, and we are very scared.

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