Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back in the P-I-C-U (a lesser known song of Billy Joel)

So, we admitted Kiera tonight. She had such a rough day all day, that it seemed the best choice. Of course, we will have to catch up on the Heroes premier later. Thank God for DVR. :) Once we got her on the hospital ventilator (the 840) she actually improved tremendously. Hopefully, this will just turn out to be a 72 hour tune up. It's actually been 3 whole months since her last pneumonia. Not a bad run. Her x-rays show an obliterated lower left lung (which has traditionally been her good lung) and what appears to be some viral activity in the right central as well. I asked them to hold off on the N-Balm (spelling?) lavage (a deep lung culture) and any I.V. attempts to see if this is just viral and passes with better ventilator support. I feel like the lavage last time contributed to escalating the pneumonia instead of helping. It will be nice to get a nutrition panel, blood gas, and other lab work that is tricky from home. Since she slept most of the day (as best as she could) she was wide awake when we left tonight. Luckily Elmo and The Little Mermaid have replaced us as parents, and we left her, unnoticed, while she watched her programs. :) She'll probably be up a while. She even got her old corner room. Yippee! I really hated to take her in, but she was limp and pale, and we had pretty much maxed out our bag of tricks here at home. I guess this is the beginning of us becoming even more reclusive for the remainder of the winter. It makes me nervous about her eye surgery scheduled for October. Eek.



Katie said...

Sorry Kierra had to be admitted, I hope she's home soon! (by the way I love Heroes too, I watched it last night!)

foxykitty50 said...

I'll pray for a quick recovery!