Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick again:(

We are not amused. We started inhaled antibiotics this morning. I was so excite Saturday night because Kiera drank 15 cc's(about 1/2 an oz) of milk from a sippy cup! This is such a BIG deal! Then Sunday morning she woke up throwing up a cheesy looking product. So I decided maybe cow's milk isn't for her. I tried Similac at dinner Sunday, but she wasn't really in the mood and wouldn't take it. Now, this morning around 3 am I had to suction her regularly all night, about 12 times between 3 and 6, and then the nurse came at 6AM and suctioned her 12 more times by 10AM. We've had to bump her O2 to 5-6 liters. I want to think she's just sick, but I'm worried that she may have aspirated the milk and gotten pneumonia from it. I really want her to be able to drink, but it seems like she gets sick every time we try. I just want to cry. It's so frustrating to not be able to do something as normal as feed your baby.


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Sarah said...

As silly as this sounds, every micro parent I talk to says that feeding is the most frustrating thing. We can handle trachs, O2, G-tubes, wheelchairs, walkers, and helmets - you name it - but when it comes to eating that's usually what tips us over the edge. I'm so sorry she's sick. I'm hoping it's one of those wierd flukes that just passes.