Friday, September 5, 2008

Make Way for McCain!

I really enjoyed the McCains' speeches last night too. I particularly liked the videos about each of their lives. I had no idea that Cindy McCain founded and ran the American Voluntary Medical Team, and she led 55 medical missions to third world and war-torn countries in their 7 years of operation. Their daughter, Bridget, was one of Mother Theresa's orphans in Bangladesh with a cleft palate while Cindy was there with Operation Smile. Cindy currently serves on the Board of Directors of Operation Smile. One of Kiera's nurses and I think one of her RT's in the hospital actually volunteer for Operation Smile. It was such a cute story about how she fell in love with Bridget and brought her home, and when she got off the plane with the baby, John said, "Where is she going," and Cindy said, "Home with us." He responded, "I thought so."

McCain's speech definitely carried a theme of personal responsibility for community service and making our country a better place and in diminishing the horrendous size of government and pork barrel spending to get government out of the way of the amazing things the American people can achieve. I definitely think McCain and Palin will be just the thing our country needs. We need to stop relying on government to solve all our problems. He also said that (I think I remember it word for word but forgive any paraphrasing) "Education is the number one racial issue in America." Education is the key to overcoming poverty and opening doors for people. We get nowhere by increasing social programs that just keep the poor in the same place.

I am very excited about taking Kiera to see McCain and Palin at their event tomorrow. I hope she's feeling a little better. She has a cough and a ton of secretions. I think she caught it from her brother. Hopefully, after another day of treatments, we can get her back to a more reasonable level of care to take her on an outing. It's tough to think about going to an event like this when she might need a lot of medical attention throughout.


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