Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kiera's perking up...

So I think Kiera is starting to feel better. I think I caught whatever she has Tuesday, and Jer might be catching it now. Last night we went to see her, and she stood up in her crib and played our kissing game. I kiss her, she pushes Daddy and Mommy's faces together to make us kiss, then Daddy kisses her. It's quite entertaining. She also LOVES Eskimo kisses. She thinks they are hysterical! We played ball in her crib and read and sang songs. So, I think her bug is passing. She's still on the 840 vent, and they are slowly weaning her settings and trying to back off on her nebs which she has been getting every 3 hours. My earliest guess to get her home would be Saturday, but I'll have to pick some brains today.

My real dilemna is that my husband thinks this is a great opportunity to help him paint our new restaurant. Thank God I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday! He's going to make me do manual labor. :( I did get 2 loads of dishes and 2 loads of laundry done yesterday and was able to spend significant time helping Mitch with his math. It was weird, though, being in my kitchen. I kept feeling like I should be listening for the ventilator in the other room and going back and forth between the two to check on Kiera. It's definitely too quiet around here without the vent constantly going. I certainly understand "empty nest syndrome."



Sarah said...

I'm sorry she's back in, but hopefully you will get some rest.

I like to tell Erik that I'm allergic to manual labor.

Thinking of you all!

Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

Your little one sounds like an amazing fighter! I stumbled accross your blog when looking for a picture of a Kangaroo Joey Clamp (feeding pump clamp) not sure why though ;)

Just wanted to invite you to visit our blog or (SN website)

foxykitty50 said...

Im so glad she is starting to feel better! I hope she is home again soon.