Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiera's back at home

Kiera was discharged yesterday, and seems to be getting back to her old self. Mommy is still getting over her bronchitis, probably inspired by the same virus that gave Kiera pneumonia. Daddy got it, but mostly had a sniffle for a few days. Just goes to show how much of a problem a sniffle can cause Kiera, so keep vigilant if you are visiting this winter. No sniffles allowed.

Fallout from this admission, or maybe just bad timing, is that Kiera is practicing her separation anxiety. Every time I leave the room she cries. I even stepped behind the couch to get her meds this morning, and she was lying down and couldn't see me, so she sat up and cried. I think it was particularly hard for her in the hospital because I stayed away two days while I was sick in order to keep her well, but that's impossible to explain to a 2 yr old. I had to sit and cuddle her most of the evening last night. Thank goodness for Grandma who visited while I couldn't.

Funny story: After we called the charge nurse while we were on our way to the hospital to admit Kiera last Monday, we hung up, and she had to call me back on my cell to get some other information. She didn't have to use caller I.D. because she has my cell number memorized. You know you've been in the hospital to often when you not only have the hospital's direct line committed to memory, but they've memorized YOUR number. :) Now THAT'S customer service!


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