Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, 2008!

Today was so much fun, I almost cried. This was Kiera's due date had she gone to term, and this was her very FIRST Halloween at home and not in the hospital even though it's her third. A little SNAFU had our camera left at work, so these are pics from my brother's camera, and I have a few on my cell phone camera once I figure out how to get pics off it. I just had to include the pic of my nephew scrambling up the stairs with his dragon tail wagging. Too cute!

We went trick-or-treating with Kiera's cousins. Daddy was Winnie the Pooh, Mommy was Eyeore (It looks more like Eyeore when you see my tail on the back), and Kiera was Piglet, The ventilator was cleverly disguised as Tigger (her big stuffed Tigger riding the stroller canopy). The boys dressed as Halo II military type characters. It was cute...they did our recon and scoped out houses ahead of us. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 houses in our neighborhood have stairs to their front door, so I often had to hold her pumpkin for her while she waited at the foot of stairs. Next year will be even more fun if she's walking.

Kiera actually sucked on a Dum Dum sucker for about a half a block!!!!!! It was so cute. Later when her hands were sticky from the sucker she tried to blow her cousin a kiss, and got distracted by her sweet hands.

The best part was after we got home. Kiera sat on the floor and started pulling candies out of her pumpkin. It was such a big girl thing to do- especially since the boys(14 and 16) were on the floor next to her sorting through their candy too.

I can't wait to see the pictures.



Katie said...

I email myself pics from my camera, maybe you could do that. Mine also has a removable memory card, but you would know if your's did, because of course you have to buy it seperately. If for some reason your phone will not email them, I'd send them to somebody's phone who could.

Snyder Family said...

Love your costumes.

Much Love,