Friday, October 24, 2008

Home and grumpy...

Kiera is recovering, but she's still pretty grumpy and napping a little more than usual. I touched the spot where her porta-cath is last night, and it's a little creepy to feel something that big under her skin. Her g-tube site is red and kind of puffy. And the poor thing woke up this morning with her eyes pasted shut with eye gunk.

I did notice last night that she was really adept at picking up some croutons and putting them in a fast food bag, and this morning she seemed much better at her shape puzzle than in the past. I'm wondering if her depth perception is so much improved since her eye surgery that it is making a big difference for her. I think we might see a big change in her fine motor skills.

Oh... and I lost another nurse today, but am gaining a NICU nurse I interviewed last week who already knows Kiera, so I guess I'm at status quo. I guess the nurse I lost was only working for me while waiting on a previous full-time committment to become available again. It surprised me, but I guess it was her plan all along.

Chuggin' along.

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