Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kiera's Surgery Went Well

Kiera's surgery yesterday went well, and I'll be bringing her home this afternoon. She was pretty pissed off, but recovering nicely. She started crying the instant we started to put her on the hospital ventilator yesterday, as if to say, "Nooo, don't leave me here." I felt so bad, but she calmed down and we read some books. Then she fell asleep and was asleep when she went in to surgery. I wonder what she thought when she woke up afterwords. She'll probably never want to go to sleep again! :) We took her a giant Tigger that I found at Other Mothers for $5. (I love that store!) She enjoyed it, and it will compliment her Halloween costume nicely. I just held and cuddled her till she was ready to open her eyes. Then she watched an Elmo video and slept afterwords. Thank goodness for Little Mermaid which she was watching last night. I was able to leave and come home and sleep, and she pretty much didn't even notice us leave. Her eyes look aligned already, and I guess it will just improve. Having the porta-cathetar will be great for winter. The peripheral IV she had for surgery took at least 2 tries and only lasted till the end of surgery, so I think we made the right call. She won't need any IV sticks next time she needs a line. I've been telling people that we basically added a "faucet" to her veins for easy access. :)

Thanks for your prayers.


Sarah said...

I'm glad that she is doing so well and you got some sleep!

Katie said...

I'm glad the surgery went well!