Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stomach Bug Revisited

Well, I guess one week of good health at a time is all one can hope for? Kiera started throwing up yesterday afternoon, coincidentally 24 hours after her flu shot. We stopped feeds and ran 24 hour pedialyte overnight and got her back on feed today; however, she seems a bit funky tonight. She hasn't started throwing up yet, but her tummy seems a bit full, and she hasn't pooped since this morning. I guess we'll see how things go overnight. Pray for Poop. :)

Funny thing: We received the annual report from Ronald McDonald House in Houston. BTW- they withstood a huge amount of damage from Hurricane Ike and are currently closed for repairs, putting their current tenants up in hotels. We had already been planning to contact our local RMH to hold a fundraiser for them as part of our grand opening for our restaurant in November. Anyway, the funny part was looking through the report tonight. They have pictures of kids on the front and back covers and throughout the book. You've all probably seen stuff like this before and wondered who those kids are. The weird part was that I knew about 75% of them from our stay at RMH last year. I was at many of the events pictured. Unfortunately, since our baby was in the hospital, we personally didn't make as good a photo opp. :) It was definitely different feeling like an insider for one of those random mailers we all receive instead of an outsider. It's so easy to go through your everyday life and see all those faces as just nameless faces. Once you know their names, they can never just be faces again. I hope they never will be. Here's a face the report missed:


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