Friday, October 17, 2008

Kiera's feeling better and getting ready for surgery

Well, we weathered the stomach bug, and a few weird respiratory days following. Kiera doesn't want to eat again. Apparently 2 days in about 10 months was enough for her.

She is scheduled for her lazy eyes corrective surgery (strabismus surgery) in addition to a g-tube granuloma removal and a porta-cathetar placement at the same time on Wednesday the 22nd, so we are prepping for that. Her gaze is extrotropic meaning both her eyes drift outward so the surgery will pull those muscles inward to try to align her eyes. Right now she tends to switch between the two. The porta-cath will provide us IV access through the winter, so that when she does get sick we can administer IV antibiotics without the drama and torture of multiple sticks to try to get an IV in her poor little scarred veins. I'll probably bite the bullet and sleep at the hospital with her this time. It's getting harder on her to stay alone even though she knows everybody. Please pray that she comes through it all successfully.

I'm excited because one of the nursing agencies sent me a nurse today from our NICU who actually had Kiera quite frequently way back when she was iddy biddy. She still works full-time in NICU, so she'll just be available 1 shift a week, but every little bit counts. This will give me more consistent coverage on Mondays and Fridays with my other 3 PICU nurses filling in. The best part is that I know she is trained and capable.

It looks like we'll be opening our restaurant, Independence Grill, in November. There is so much to do. Keep an eye out for us. We'll be serving the best burgers (American Kobe Beef) with flavorful and avaunt guard toppings in addition to other great offerings like our portobello mushroom burger, American Kobe beef hot dogs, prime rib in our stone oven, and more. Everything is coming together.


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