Sunday, October 5, 2008

HUGE NEWS: Kiera actually ATE food 2 days in a row!!!!!!

This is BIG! If you haven't had a kid with an oral aversion then you may not appreciate this. Apparently my own brother just realized after almost 2 years that Kiera has been fed by G-tube(since January 2007) and has not been willing to eat by mouth. Kiera was fed by NG during her first 6 months prior to G-tube placement. She has always sucked a pacifier and used to like tastes of juice and tasted food once a day for about 2 weeks until her second swallow study in Dec 2007, and suddenly decided that eating is not for her. Last night and this morning Kiera actually ATE, by mouth, with her speech valve in line. Last night she ate about 1/2 a container of 1st foods carrots! The container is probably 2 oz so maybe she ate an oz? It was about 3 teaspoons I think. I'll have to measure more accurately. This morning she ate about a third of a 2nd foods container of pear/strawberry granola which is, again, about 3 teaspoons or an oz. It was so exciting! I don't even know how much a 2 year old should be eating daily to get her full nutrition, but this is an excellent start considering just last week she would barely let 3 tastes go in her mouth. That's all for now...I need to give her a bath and get going on my day (now that it's already 12:30 in the afternoon.



Katie said...

Way to go Kierra!

Sarah-Lynn's mom said...

As the mother of a child who spent over a year in feeding therapy, I am doing a happy dance here for you!

WTG Kierra!!!!!!!!!!!