Monday, November 3, 2008

Kiera playing Rock Band and using grocery cart "walker"

This isn't how she uses the cart loaded up, but we were just practicing.

Braving a transfer from the cart to the drum set.

Kiera likes to Jam! She uses chopsticks because there are now little teeth marks in our drumsticks. We had to give her decoys.

She is totally a hair band rocker chic! She loves to watch us play and join in. Sometimes she drums on her tin (leftover from Christmas popcorn) or plays her piano, tambourine, or maracas.


Sarah said...

I love the 'vent cart' haha!

Therese, I must say that when it comes to resourcefulness, you are my hero!

Katie said...

Rock on Kiera!

Anonymous said...

Therese, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! This is your Aunt Mary!!! How 'bout that!

wehdostables said...

How CUTE is she??!!