Sunday, November 9, 2008

So far so good...we've kept her home

Another quickie: Kiera's down to neb every 3 hours instead of every hour like yesterday, and her O2 is down to 3-4 liters. I dropped her rate to 22 (I had had to increase it from 16 to 30 to get her through being sick and keep her home). Now she's getting more puffs of Symbicort, still getting the steroids, atrovent is up to every 6 hours instead of every 8, and we dropped her mucomyst. She's still pretty junky(i.e. phlegm in trach tube) and gets kind of lethargic when she's due for Atrovent, but sheactually sounded more clear last night at bedtime than she had.

This all happened with very poor timing. She just changed diets Friday after her GI appointment. She has had some funky GI effects that I think are from the diet change, but I think the respiratory fallout is a separate thing from a virus probably. She's been gaggy because I think it takes her longer to process the new food, but she could also be gaggy because of the "junk in her trunk" (again- phlegm in her trach). We also got to just start her Vest treatments up again on Friday because we had been off for 2 weeks for her to heal from surgery. Therefore, it's hard to tell if the junk is from no Vest treatments or a virus, although the runny nose leads me in the virus direction.

Thank you for joining me for amateur medicine 101. :)
Gotta go...Kiera's "calling."

Oh-P.S.- found the camera under her other equipment bags. It was here the whole time, and we could've gotten more Halloween pics. I may just have to dress her up and get a few more. :)

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