Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indy Grill Dress Rehearsal

It was so much fun seeing our restaurant get born tonight. Thank you to everyone who helped test our crew out and see about working out kinks. It takes a lot of work to turn a restaurant into a finely tuned machine, so we appreciate your patience and support. I am so grateful for all the help we had cleaning, painting, wallpapering, decorating, refinishing, etc. I was also thrilled to have a nurse today to help so that Kiera could attend, but I could focus on all the guests a little better. I could definitely tell the difference between tonight and other times when we go out and I need to stay in tune with how she's doing better. She was so cute. She tasted a little berry mini-milkshake and seemed to like it. She also tried guacamole and sour cream. Not big on the sour cream but guac seemed tolerable. Kiera really seemed to enjoy herself, and liked all the lighting. Since I knew it might be a long evening I brought the pack n play, critical books, and a few toys, but my real guilty confession is that I brought the travel DVD player and her Elmo "What Makes Me Happy" DVD for the predictable evening meltdown. Of course, the DVD should be re-titled "What Makes Momma Happy." She camped out in the playpen and watched TV. I wonder if she sees the TV people from Poltregeist? She's her Daddy's girl. I recently discovered yesterday that the endearing sign I thought was Kiera reaching for mommy may in fact be a sign for the remote control. Hmmm. I admit defeat. The TV has won. "Go toward the light, Carol Ann." Or is it "DON'T go toward the light?" Darn it...I can't remember. Come eat lunch or dinner opening Monday 11am. November will be a special month for Presbyterian Hospital PICU and NICU staff showing badges. You're basically family, so come in and get your family discount during the month of November. Ask for Jerry. Cheers!

Here are some pics.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Therese....I just want you to know that Kiera is so gorgeous! And, she looks just like you! Your sons are very handsome as well ;) Congrats on the new restaurant...I will be sure to stop in soon :D HUGS!!!!