Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up and Down, See Saw

I used to think of Kiera's health as a roller coaster ride, but sometimes it's much more like a see saw- so gradual change, just up and down.

She seemed to be improving on Monday and back to her rate of 16, O2 at 3liters, and 4 hour nebulizers. Then yesterday she was pretty sick, back on 3 hours nebs, rate back up to 20, O2 at 4liters. Today, so far, she's back down to a rate of 18, with 4 hour nebs and O2 at 3 liters.
This, of course, is in addition to some diarrhea and diaper rash and lots of secretions to suction.
But, I hate to commit, she seems a little better today.

I am looking forward to more nursing this afternoon, Thursday, and Friday, so I will be able to help finish setting up our new restaurant to open on Monday! Yeah! (on the nurse and the opening.) Our restaurant is Independence Grill at Lousiana and Montgomery (6910 Montgomery). We will be open daily for lunch and dinner, and the restaurant website is I hope you will all come. The menu is fantastic featuring American Kobe beef burgers at a great price! I am totally in love right now with our prime rib with our chef's special green chile en jous. And for dessert lovers, I picked them personally with all my sweet teeth. (Just ask my dentist)

I also want to thank my guardian angel mom, Shannon, for the video baby monitor. Once Kiera is well, I will start trying to sleep in our bedroom instead of Kiera's and see how it goes. It's all hooked up, and all I need to do is get Apria to send me a louder SAT monitor.


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