Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yet another grocery store clerk traumatized by Kiera Rose

So, I ventured out, and yet again discovered a weak link in our travel plans. :) I really needed to get Kiera's meds and groceries for Thanksgiving, but won't have nursing again till Monday. I had an "evil plan" that I could do it myself. Luckily due to a SNAFU and missed bus I ended up with a stepson assistant. Kiera with all her equipment pretty much fills a grocery cart. It was helpful to have The Boy to push another cart and fetch things. Kiera really enjoyed looking at everything. She was all smiles. She liked the ride in the cart, too.

So we did pretty well until we got near the end of our trip in the produce section. Kiera's vent circuit popped off and hit the ground just right so as to break off the sensor tube from the circuit leaving a tiny whole for lost pressure and volume. I sent The Boy out to the car to get the bagging tank just in case while the produce clerk helped me try to tape the broken piece onto her circuit to stop the leak. Voila! The Medical Tape Corollary to the Duct Tape method of repair was a success. Next time, I will carry a spare circuit in the car. I had no spares with me since this had never happened before. The clerk was very nice and also informed me of the location of a phone that can dial out. Apparently not all phones in the grocery store are capable of dialing out and the scanners cause dead zones for cells which is good to know in an emergency. Thank you, Don, at Smith's grocery store.

FYI- Kiera has started experimenting with standing without support. She tried it last night and tonight. She is so pleased with herself, and we clap together afterwards. Very cute. I think she is also cutting some 2 yr old molars and seems pretty bothered by it.


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