Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost there....

We're still working on getting Kiera home. Her pulmonary hypertension isn't quite under control yet. She has another echo scheduled today and is currently on an IV and an inhaled antibiotic for a presumed pneumonia, and she is still on nebs every TWO hours which would be a challenge to keep up at home for too long. Hopefully, we can get her situated and home by Wednesday. I've been able to take her for wagon rides around the unit, and her methadone is being slowly weaned which is helping her be more interactive.

She is so weak from the atrophy of almost two weeks of sedation that she can barely sit up by herself. It's frustrating to me, so I imagine it's ten times that for Kiera. Hopefully, with therapy, she can get back to the walking and crawling that she was so good at before this set back. She's also lost about 2 kilos since admission. I don't know how much of that is just muscle mass or what, but she's a little flabby looking.

On a lighter note: Kiera has absolutely fallen in love with the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. She was so funny the other day (although upon reflection this event may have been enhance by her methadone dose)! Anyway, she totally interacts with this movie. She laughs when Belle goes into the library. I think she's thinking, "Books! I LOVE books!" Then the best part is her reaction to the scene where Belle starts talking to the wardrobe, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. When Chip talks to her while she's drinking, Kiera just ROLLS OVER LAUGHING. She was laughing so hard, tears were coming. She fell over once. It was hilarious! She was laughing as hard as I do when I watch Jim Gaffigan (who is HILARIOUS by the way). Seeing her laugh like that was really the highlight of this visit. We hadn't watched B & B much at home since I have it on VHS and my VCR is fritzy. So she's been watching it multiple times a day at the hospital.

Say some prayers for a Wednesday discharge. Have a blessed Easter everyone!

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