Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current Pics

These are all post-discharge photos from this weekend. I'll try to download the pic from my phone of Kiera on the anesthesia ventilator March 14th to show before and after.

Addendum: 4/19- Couldn't get the pics off my phone but no matter. I just had to say...take a look at Easter pics from my entries back in March 2008! I was just looking at them and seeing how INCREDIBLY FAR Kiera has come since Easter last year! WOW! Sometimes it's hard for me to notice the changes since I see her everyday. I still see my little baby when I look at her, and she is such a big girl! Now if we could just ditch "Vinny." (Or should we call the vent "Sven?")


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

I'm glad to see Kiera is home again. She is quite fetching with the basket on her head! :)

Kiera Rose said...

I thought it looked liked a lovely flowered fez cap. Very cute "Shriner."

Dean said...

Way to go Kiera! We are so happy you are home now. Cousin Dean, NH