Monday, April 6, 2009

Hooray! Kiera did "Itsy Bitsy" for the first time since coma-land!

So, I have yet again saved the day by micro-managing Kiera's hospital care and brought to the doc's attention that the "set-backs" they were witnessing in the last 2 days were from broncho-spasms caused by her colistin neb in too close proximity to her mucomyst neb. We'll test it this morning by holding the mucomyst neb. I am stressing out trying to get them to discharge her. The doctor is not as familiar with her (and me) as the rest, and we have both become "princesses" used to getting attention. Hopefully, she will see the big change tomorrow and work with me on getting Kiera home in tim for Easter.

Finally, this evening, 4 hours after her colistin induced broncho-spasm, she is sitting up and did the Itsy Bitsy Spider fingerplay for the first (and second) time since waking from her coma. She's playing with her stacking cups right now and stacked them 9 high (the 10th is too tall from sitting), and we had a blast reading her new favorite Beauty and the Beast book. At the end, when the Beast has turned back to a prince, the picture of the prince has the long blond hair with a "halo" of sorts over his head, and she signed "hat" or "hair" and then "love." She totally GETS this plot line. She laughed again at the movie today during the library scene and Belle's father's invention exploding AND she cries when Belle's daddy leaves in the wagon! Honestly, it seems like her muscle memory just came back. She's still a little awkward and weak, but it's impressive.

A funny new trick she discovered while we were reading her book, "Miss Spider's Tea Party," is that she thinks it's hilarious to turn the pages as fast as she can and make me read really fast. This speed reading page turning may have helped her to discover that she's stronger than she thought she was. Right now she's quite happily chewing on her cloth book.

Looking at her right now, I think I should be able to convince someone to let me spring her by Friday!


Mom2Juliana said...

I am so glad she is getting better. I hope she makes it home in time for Easter. I know how important holidays at home can be. This Easter will be the first holiday my Juliana gets to spend at home. I am sure you are very good at advocating for what is best for Kiera and will get her home real soon.

Sarah said...

And it shall be a Good Friday! Yay for you guys.